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The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies & Children

Baby & Children’s reflexology follows the same principles as a standard reflexology treatment but is extremely gentle yet effective, working on the physical, emotional and energetic balance in the body.

Treatments offer the therapeutic value of touch in a way that children feel comfortable with and it offers you, as the parent, a few basic techniques to use when your child requires that extra moment of emotional closeness. One of the techniques is actually called ‘The Cuddle’ and feels like the best cuddle in the world, just by holding the feet. My two children love Reflexology and will often ask to ‘have their feet rubbed’ if they’ve had a particularly hard day or are feeling a bit emotional as they know it makes them feel better.

My God Son commented after his last treatment ‘Auntie Rosie, this is awesome, it’s my best day ever!’


How Reflexology may help?

Reflexology is particularly effective in improving sleep, reducing irritability and improving mood and general well-being. The tiniest baby can benefit from a 5 minute session to help settle them, a 30 minute session will be more suitable for a young adolescent dealing with changing hormone levels through to a full 1 hour session for a 16 year old with anxiety about their upcoming exams.


How long will a treatment last?

The length of time it takes to do a treatment for a child depends on their age and their health. It may only take 5-10 minutes to treat a sleeping baby or a very sick child but 45 minutes to do an effective 20 minute treatment on a toddler who wants to go exploring! I tend to ‘go with the flow’ and work at the pace of the child to build up rapport and trust and ultimately give the child the best experience of reflexology. If the child pulls their feet away initially I will wait until they are ready to let me touch their feet again.


Childrens reflexology treatment
Children’s Reflexology Treatment

What is a treatment like?

Again this depends on the age and health of the child. A small baby can be treated on the parents lap, in a car seat or while being held. A toddler may only sit for short burst and I can often work areas of the feet while I carry them around showing them things of interest. Older children are usually happy to lie under a blanket in my reclining chair and list to some music or chat.

Please note that it is a requirement for all children under the age of 16 to be accompanied during their treatment by an adult carer.


Make a Booking

As stated above the length of time taken to complete a treatment is variable but will not be longer than one hour. A one hour treatment costs £30, 30 mins £15 and so on. To make a booking or enquire for further details please use our contact us page.